ALPHASHOT is the first compact photo studio capable of shooting still, 360 and 3D images with alpha channel. Taking advantage of latest image processing technologies, allows everyone to capture professional packshots faster as easier than ever before.
The device is perfect solution for online stores, advertising agencies, and companies which take product photos for marketing, documentation or communication purposes.

Professional quality images

white shoe packshot

Perfect object lighting

Every professional photographer knows, that you can only perfectly lighten object or background, but never both.
ALPHASHOT can automatically get rid of background, which means you do not need to take care about it any more. You can focus on the object to make perfect images without over-burning or unevenly lighting it.

packshot on different backgrounds

Perfect background removal in a few seconds

ALPHASHOT is not cutting out the background, it is mathematically calculating transparency level of each single pixel.
It does it automatically while shooting an image, much faster and usually more precise, than humans do.
It does not matter if the object is white, colourful or black. ALPHASHOT can even calculate transparency for transparent objects.
Fringe is removed by default.

packshots with perfect colours

good colour rendering

ALPHASHOT includes more than 3,000 high power, selected, daylight LEDs, which allow excellent colour reproduction. Obtained in this way picture is very realistic, can accurately show the details of the object.
As a side effect, LEDs also help protecting the environment: have by far the smallest power consumption per lumen and very long life – more than 10.000 hours of continuous operation.

Alpha Channel for free

ALPHASHOT can automatically create alpha channel even for transparent objects. This means that the photographer does not need to focus on obtaining a uniform background, which usually leads to uneven exposure of the photographed subject.

Reflections control

Anyone who has ever photographed any shiny product knows how difficult it is to show texture of the object, and at the same time achieve a nice and balanced reflection.
ALPHASHOT can separately control each of the six LED panels, which help to bring out product details and at the same time avoid unnecessary reflection.

high performance, easy to use, full control of the process

intuitivesoftware easy work

simple to use, intuitive software

ALPHASHOT is designed to be easy to use by anyone, so even people without knowledge of photography can shoot professional packshots.
The heart of the system is advanced, yet simple to use, software which controls LED lighting and the camera. It will pre set all necessary parameters and shot the image with background removed. You can control the image and make adjustments in live view window.

you decide you choose

unrivalled productivity and efficiency

ALPHASHOT allows you to capture high-quality packshots faster than ever before.
Only one click and few seconds for still image. Few minutes for 3D or 360 degree packshots. Another click and your product can be teleported on-line and begin new life – help you sell better, or communicate with your partners, colleagues, suppliers.
To be even faster, ALPHASHOT software will consume all available processor power available (multi core parallel images processing).

you decide – full control of the process

ALPHASHOT will always leave you the last word. You decide, whether to use automatic pre-sets, or to fine tune the settings.
You can chose your own camera settings, lighting intensity, balance or fine tune image processing.

product photos from each side

ALPHASHOT is equipped with a sliding camera support, which allows you to change camera angle from 0 to 90 in seconds. No more studio reorganizing to take top shots. Any angle can be marked for repeatable angled shots. 360° automated turntable allows spins or 3D shots.

complete, compact and compatible

use your products packshots easily

2d / 3D / 360 degree packshots in one time

ALPHASHOT not only allows you to capture static images. It can create 360° and 3D ORBITVU product presentations, taking advantage of the best available 360° technology. The device is integrated with ORBITVU SUN server, which lets virtually teleport your products on-line, so it can be used in different places, by your customers, partners, fans or suppliers.

alphashot is compatible

compatible and flexible

ALPHASHOT is compatible with Canon and Nikon DSLR’s, works smoothly both with Windows (XP, Vista, 7) and MAC OS (Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion).
Photos can be imported by the most popular image processing programs and placed directly on Internet platforms.
Interactive 360 degree / 3D presentations can be viewed on mobile devices, including iPhone and iPad.

compact and functional

ALPHASHOT will not take more than 0,5 m3 of space. Yet, it still allows you to shoot images of products up to 35x35x30cm.

innovative and high quality solution

innovative technology for product photography


ALPHASHOT is the first desk top photographic studio, which takes pictures with automatically generated alpha channel. It is award winning solution, made after months of development, tests, tries, failures and success.

high quality

ALPHASHOT was not just invented one day. The idea grown in our minds since a couple of years. As Ventis company, we have 15 years experience delivering professional photographic and video solutions, engineering electronic products and developing software. Our customers are professional photography studios and industry product photography. As ORBITVU we have developed the best 360° solution. The idea grown from our customer’s needs and requirements.