ALPHASHOT is compact photo studio with automatic background removal. Functionality of the solution combined with intuitive use allows everyone to capture professional packshots faster and more efficient than ever before.

place photographed product inside ALPHASHOT

Place the object to be photographed inside and see it on the screen in Live View mode.

set the camera angle

ALPHASHOT is equipped with easy to use trolley. Use it to chose camera angle over photographed object. All shots are easy: side, top or angled.

make packshots with alphashot

capture the product image

Just one button to make perfect still or 360° image without background.

Remember, you decide – ALPHASHOT leaves you the last word: you can always fine tune each packshot creation step, if it is necessary.

export & share

ALPHASHOT will save all still images in ready to use PNG file format with transparency. 360° presentations can be output to animated GIF, SWF and most importantly to ORBITVU presentation, which can be uploaded directly to ORBITVU SUN server.